Half Marathon, 10K Run, 5K Run,
5K Walk, 5K Dog Jog, & 1K Kid’s Run
October 19, 2024
Middleton, WI

Participant and spectator safety is our absolute highest priority.

We review traffic plans, course markings, and venue facilities to plan a safe and fun atmosphere for everyone. We request for all participant and spectator’s compliance with the following safety guidelines: Please use the free ‘Gear Check‘ room to check any personal belongings. Please do not leave bags or articles left unattended along any part of the courses or anywhere at KEVA. Your items will be discarded upon finding. If you see suspicious behavior, an object or vehicle that can cause harm on the course, or lost child, please tell the nearest volunteer, race staff, or law enforcement personnel.

To ensure all participant and spectator safety and to ensure that anyone can receive the proper care immediately, all runners MUST WEAR A BIB REGISTERED IN THEIR NAME. Anyone that participates in the event without officially registering is putting all other participants at risk. Should an incident occur to the participant that is not registered, it delays the appropriate care from race first responders by not having medical history, personal information, or emergency contact information on file. Anyone that participates in the Haunted Hustle without a bib will be banned from participating from any Capitol View Events races in the future.

If weather conditions on race day are or potentially dangerous, the Haunted Hustle Race Director and Medial Director will work with local law officials to determine if the events must be delayed or cancelled. Participants and spectators will be made aware of schedule changes via PA announcements on-site, social media, website postings, and use of the colored flag system (on-course notification).

Colored flags will be located at each water station and at finish line to alert runners to changing course and weather conditions. In cases of emergency, please follow the instructions below. In rare instances, it may be necessary to either close the race course or re-route participants. If this occurs, it is being done for the safety of participants and volunteers.


Race is on as scheduled. Good conditions.


Recommended to Slow Down. Less than ideal conditions. Participants should monitor their own health and safety to ensure reaching finish line unharmed. Recommended to take additional fluids and slow pace.


Event Stops. Dangerous conditions. Finish times will not be published and no awards are given. Runners should go to the nearest water station for shuttle transfer to the finish line.

Conditions for a Red Flag are highly variable. The Haunted Hustle does not use temperature alone in calling a Red Flag situation. There are several instances that might combine to create an unsafe environment for racers. If a combination of these elements creates a Red Flag situation, this is immediately communicated to race officials. The medical team and race staff have the best interest of the racer’s safety in mind.

What happens when Red Flag conditions occur? The simple answer is the race is stopped. The race staff will determine where on the course to stop runners. Resources (staff, volunteer, law enforcement, buses, etc) must be moved to that location to facilitate a shutdown of the event and to relocate participants from the stopping point back to the finish


Event Canceled. Extreme and dangerous conditions, or course emergency. Participation will be stopped and participants should seek shelter immediately. If course emergency, follow directions from public safety officials, race staff, and volunteers.