Lead Bikes

Half Marathon & Kid’s Run
5K Run & 10K Run

You will line up in front of the starting line 5 minutes before the start of the race. There will be an “Elite” start for each race. You will stay about 200′ in front of the elite runners leading them along the course which is marked with safety cones and directional signs. The lead runner is the one you will stay ahead of. You should use your 2-way radio to give periodic updates of locations as you pass mile markers along the course. Lead Bikes will bring the lead runner across the Finish Line, and then continue a second lap of the course until you find the last runner. Once you know where the last runner is, radio that location in to the Race Director. For the 5K & 10K races, you should stay 200′ behind the last runner until they finish, telling all volunteers, police & EMT’s along the way, that this is the last runner and they can now end their shift.  For the Half Marathon, you will likely locate the last runner and once the Race Director knows where that person is, you should be able to return to the finish line. Click on the maps below for a full view and to download cue sheets with turn-by-turn directions.