If you click on “View Full Version” in the upper left-hand corner, you can zoom in and see where the aid stations and relay exchange points are. You can also see where to line your kiddos up for the Kid’s Run, 1 Mile, 3/4 Mile, 1/2 Mile or 1/4 Mile.

If you install the RIDE WITH GPS App on your phone, you can use the following link to give you turn-by-turn directions on any of the courses;

Haunted Hustle Half Marathon Course

Half Marathon – 9:30 am Sunday

Haunted Hustle Half Marathon Relay Course

Half Marathon Relay – 9:30 am Sunday

Haunted Hustle 10K Course

10K Run – 4:10 pm Saturday

Haunted Hustle 5K Course

My Team Triumph 5K – 4:00 pm Saturday
5K Run – 4:10 pm Saturday
5K Dog Jog – 4:15 pm Saturday
5K Walk – 4:17 pm Saturday

Haunted Hustle Kid's Run Course

Kid’s Run – 10:00 am Sunday